Manufacture of Specialty Foods 

A small manufacturer of specialty foods based in the Southeast had built its entire business on the sales efforts of the founder of the company.  The company had reached a sales plateau as a result of a pure sales capacity problem on the part of the owner/sales man.  He simply could not manage the current accounts and his other responsibilities and have enough time for new business development.  The company had tried to hire salespeople but it never seemed to work out.  Salespeople couldn't make enough money fast enough to remain motivated.  The company simply was constrained in its growth and could not scale.

Our team worked with the company to revamp their marketing and sales process to increase the efficiency of the sales process so that a sales rep could close more sales with the same amount of effort.  This allowed the sales people to sell more profitably for the company and earn enough commission to remain properly motivated.

Software Company 

A software company was unable to sell its software profitably enough to cover the company's overhead.  It was relying on traditional direct face to face selling directly to major corporations.  It was encumbered with a long corporate buying process but not a large enough ticket price to carry that long and expensive sales process.

We worked with the company to develop a multi-channel strategy that included using VAR channel partners, embedding the software into another product for licensing revenue, direct sales for the largest most strategic opportunities and a direct telesales and Internet sales program for smaller opportunities not worth a face-to-face effort.  This multi-channel strategy required development of a new organizational structure, significant new marketing materials and sales tools.

Law Firm 

In recent years, as there have been a significant decrease in the amount of legal work coming into many law firms from their existing referral sources, law firms have woken up to the need for networking to get referrals both from within their existing client companies, as well as, for referrals from their business and social networks.

We were engaged by a mid-sized law firm in New York City to train their associates and later their partners in how to conduct business development to get those referrals.  The format of the associate training was initially a series of three "lunch and learns" over the course of six weeks.  We also conducted partner training workshop as the annual partner retreat.  The result of he associate training was a 600% increase in billable hours originated by the associates in the 12 months after the training. Furthermore, it has been widely accepted that with associates more involved in the business development process earlier in their career, they will be more productive in business development as junior partners and later as senior partners.

This program was enhanced with the introduction of sales management techniques and reporting methods to the business development process within the firm to give significantly greater visibility to the sales process.

Internet Marketing Firm

An Internet Marketing Firm reached a sales plateau because they simply could neither grow sales people with sufficient skills or find them in their local marketplace.  Their sale was a very sophisticated sales of highly technical products and the ability to find or grow the talent necessary to take the company to the next level was holding the company back.  Additionally, the owners of the company felt that they were always at risk of losing one of their key sales people and having a resulting significant revenue shortfall.

We developed a number of programs to both re-engineer the sales process focusing on improving the productivity of the sales people that they had and develop a training program to increase the efficiency of the development of junior people so they can begin to make a significant contribution earlier.  The re-engineering of the sales process employed additional sales support staff so that the experienced sales people can now focus on closing transactions rather than the other roles of appointment setting, implementation support, proposal preparation and pre-appointment research.  The sales training program was focused on an "up or out" competitive approach to get the right kind of people with the right motivation on the team.