A company's sales process is, quite simply, the process by which it sells its products and services.  It is the way that marketing opens doors, prospects are developed, how prospects are qualified and how the prospects are then converted into customers.  It also is the financial model that is tied to that process.  For example, we work with customers to determine a financial model of how much they can spend to market, convert these prospects and how much that they can then consider to offer as commission while remaining profitable!  It is not uncommon for us to work with a client who finds that their existing sales model is simply not financially sustainable and requires re-engineering from the ground up.  What we mean by this is that the existing sales model is fundamentally flawed in that the cost of customer acquisition is simply too high relative to the average total life time return for that customer.  In this type of situation, the sales model is unsupportable and must be re-engineered.

We focus on building profitable and scalable sales processes that can be executed by a sales person of reasonable ability.  We don't design sales processes that can only work with that one in a million sales person of our dreams.  We believe that with the right sales process, sales people can be trained to execute them profitably.

Whether your company is selling widgets over the Internet, direct face-to-face business to business selling of highly engineered products or even the sales of professional services, we have successfully helped clients big and small develop a sales process that allows their business to become an effective, profitable and scalable sales machine.