We offer a broad range of services:

  • Sales Model Assessment - We help our clients analyze their existing sales model to determine its effectiveness, scalability and profitability.
  • Sales Model Design - We work with our clients' sales and marketing teams to find and leverage their organization's strengths. Then we help them analyze their customer's buying motivation and processes which can then be turned into an effective sales strategy.
  • Sales Training - We develop customized sales training programs for our clients that utilize the sales process we have designed for measurable results.
  • Business Networking Training - We teach our clients that networking is an important skill whether it is for corporate communication effectiveness or as a business development strategy that has the potential to dramatically increase sales.  We are certified Contacts Count trainers.
  • Time Management Training - We train our clients how to be more efficient with their time getting things done that are their most important things.  Our approach integrates the work of gurus such as David Allen and Steven Covey and is both planning and process based.
  • Sales Performance Measurement - We help clients measure their sales performance as part of a larger process, including sales budget, commission structure and management organization.

  • Sales Process Re-engineering - A sales process is like any other process in a business and it should be engineered for efficiency and effectiveness,  documented and managed.  To learn more about sales process re-engineering click here.